50´s Democracy and development

13 Apr

It was in short full democracy, the country has developed, JuscelinoJuscelinoEn Kubischek was elected in 1955 with a plan of goals with the catchphrase “do 50 years in 5” and did.

Café Filho who had replaced Vargas stepped away from the government and assumed the chair of the House of Representatives Carlos Luz, who was accused of plotting a coup, something like that again with today.

There were rumors that Carlos Luz was plotting a coup for political and military belonging to the UDN that was against the possession of Juscelino Kubitschek and this made the war minister, General Henrique Teixeira Lott, mobilized troops occupying public buildings, radio stations and newspapers.

Were installed at Ford, Volkswagen, Willys and GM (General Motors) with automakers in affiliates mainly developed the ABC (Santo André, São Bernardo and São Caetano), the construction of Brasilia with a bold and modern flat (Brasilia has the shape of a plane and this Wings), the country has opened up to international capital, and attracted many investments to the country.

The popular sentiment was strong for the country, and even won the first World Cup, frustrated dream in the year 50 when the first World Cup held in Brazil, which lost to Uruguay in the final.

The urban population grew and especially ABC region, attracting workers from all over Brazil, which increased the rural exodus (out of the field man to the cities) and the migration of northeastern and northern to the big cities of the East.

There was a downside because disorderly rural migration made the field, important for the country even today, stays the margin and also migration brought violence and poverty major cities.


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