60´s Janio Quadros brazilian election

14 Apr

The Quadros election for president and Goulart for vice, which were independentVarreVassoura elections and not by plates, meant for various political analysis, a break from the process initiated in 1945 with Getulio despite great instability was democratic because there was an evolution culture and democratic practice in Brazil.


The Quadros election (PTN but as support UDN) in 1960 meant certain change of course of Brazilian policy with respect to the period beginning in 1945, because he lost almost always present orchestration Vargas PTB and PSD, the victory of UDN (National Democratic Union) with a slogan of fighting corruption famous “slogan” sweep, sweep, broom, sweep sweeps the robbery, but corruption of course continued until today.


Quadros solves resign on August 25 and constitutionally should take João Goulart, popularly known as Jango, but being on a visit in China, the mayor Ranieri Mazzilli (the defeated PSD) took office temporarily, but form a cabinet in an attitude little respect Jango should take.


In a polarized negotiation process, similar to today, Congress finds a solution to a government parliamentary system of government, which lasted for two years (1961-1962), reducing the constitutional powers of Jango on September 7, symbolic date, almost always preserved these maneuvers (now would be April 21).


Jango lacked legislative support in Congress to pass easily their political projects, economic and social and did, for example, a three-year plan to the economist Celso Furtado, was approved the 13th. Salary for workers.


With a plebiscite Jango back to regain his powers (vote of 80% to maintain the presidential system), although it remains without great support in the Brazilian National Congress.


There is a large rally in Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil’s Central Station, with about 300,000 people, to time an extraordinary number in response to right made a march “of the family to God for freedom”, estimated between 500 and 800 000 people.


On March 31, 1964 there is the military coup, Jango went into exile in Uruguay


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