IoT is arriving  

23 May


If we have 7 billion people in the world, of which nearly 5 billion areBillionDevices connected, the number of devices is 50 billion and the connection between devices may be even more surprising change that has happened to the internet.


The protocols until recently were reduced, now new patterns begin to emerge beyond the known BlueTooth, arrives with force now ZBee or ZigBee.


The BlueTooth also evolved into the BlueTooth Low-Energy (BLE) or Smart Bluetooth, as old and known protocol for the Internet of things remains strong, since energy consumption is a significant item for the adoption of IoT technologies.


But ZigBee is growing in number of applications and devices, and start earning much interest in developers used in automation of homes, buildings and industrial areas, use an IEEE 802.15.4 standard protocol that is an industry standard wireless technology that operates to applications in the 2.4 GHz range require little data exchange and operate a range of 100 m, so excellent for homes, buildings and industrial.


An evolution of ZBee is the standard RF4CE which has some advantages for complex systems with low power consumption, high security, robustness and high scalability with the addition of nodes and can be inserted into wireless sensor control networks for M2M applications (Machine to Machine) in the IoT.


The latest version is ZBee 3.0, which unifies all ZigBee standards into a single standard.


There are other standards will comment in the next posts.



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