Changes in media and education

20 Jun

A European study, conducted over 5 years in 12 countries, sponsored by theAmbientesEducacionais European Science Foudation, compared to many countries the influence of new media in the educational environment of children, and was published in the book “Children and Their Changing Media Environment: A European Comparative Study “edited by Sonia Livingstone and Moira Bovill in 2001 by the publisher Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, and reissued in 2013 in the USA by Routledge, with revisited edition.


The study now earns some evidence, after almost 15 years because some aspects that could be considered “fads” are quite evident today.


The book recalls in the preface, that 40 years before Himmelweit, Oppenheim and Vince published “Television and the child” (1958) and also Schramm “Television in the lives of your children” (1961) studied both in America and in the UK the influence as a child, and he says that this study was inspired to make a parallel with the arrival of new media.


Some issues are new others were revisited, as described in the preface, although not say this we can see that they are issues of first block: there is influence of new media on the old media, where new opportunities for integration, learning, socialization and play as part of the second block: what additional questions to the new forms of activities and social and political participation, as the media can support the emergence of transnational identities: European, Western, global, etc.


We will not answer here, but affirm what is already also in the preface there is a balance between the opportunities and risks of new media, the study is worthwhile, for those devoid of prejudices want to consider serserenely the new media.


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