Why Microsoft bought the LinkedIn ?

22 Jun

I’ve always been suspicious of LinkedIn, the purchase for $ 26.6 billionLinkedInMS is nothing but control the labor market and find out who is connected to whom, now this purchase only confirms what I always had in mind, connecting people, businesses , universities and other institutions can be more dangerous to scour personal life.

The news feed this social media network will provide the most important updates on the work and with this you can know which conversations, presentations and contacts of a specific practitioner, especially as this use Skype.

If this is just the network will also use this network to promote their products to companies such as Office 365 and Dynamics package, one business management system, declare the president of Microsoft Satya Nadella, in a letter to employees he explained: “In essence, we can reinvent the way to professionals be more productive, while that reinvented the sales process, marketing and talent management”, i.e. a declared use of data in the servisse.

In times of crisis (in Brazil) this will be done in an accelerated fashion, thousands of people are putting their resumes in databases like LinkedIn, and this volume can be easily fed. It is the largest Microsoft business, which had already purchased Skype for $ 8.5 billion and Nokia for $ 7.1 billion, and was already in the market of professional networks since 2012, with the acquisition of Yammer for $ 1.2 billion.


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