British exit or remain in EU

23 Jun

In the British elections, voters must register to participate, theSocialMediaUE number of voters who will decide whether the United Kingdom (includes 53 countries linked to countries linked to the British Crown), is 46.4 million people who registered to participate in the referendum on Thursday about remain in European Union (EU).


It is believed that should win the favor of permanence, but according to the British newspaper “Financial Times” there is a dead heat, 47% in favor and 45% against, in a campaign marked by fear (the effect on immigration would be immediate), and economic return, usually in favor of conservatives, but in this case in favor of is in the US.
The sections opened 7a.m. (3h Brasilia time) throughout the UK, and despite the rain attendance is great indicate the news this morning.
A behavior analysis on social networks is made from hashtags by Vyacheslav Polonski in on site, and shows highlighted the #brexit tags and #bremain where I check the co-occurrence of 13,310 hashtags related to the referendum.

I understand that brexit (exit britain) is the exit (red region) while bremain (britain remain) was the exit of the US (blue region), the analysis found the following measures in degrees of centrality, based on the most central were against the permanence in the US the United Kingdom; #beleave (degree: 6,029), #brexit (degree: 2,089) and #voteout (degree: 1743), while the permanency were #bremain (degree: 1349), #strongerin (degree: 1182) and #hugabrit (degree: 860).
Already neutral hashtags came with the hashtags above are #EU (degree: 1528), #UK (degree: 1,271) and #EUreferendum (grade 1249). degree count up the network represents a hashtags centrality measure in the referendum debate on Instagram.
The UK stay in the US, favors a more united world and fraternity.


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