Bombs and newtorking

29 Jun

Another bomb is detonated at airports, and this time in an Arab airportAncara considered safe, the international airport of Ankara in Turkey, and the questions are not only by when, but why?
Yes and no, but because the easy explanation is that the networks make it easier contact between people far away, send orders and also establish contacts and recruit young people.
The root is a little deeper radicalism and religious fundamentalism, also in part and explains, but the deeper reason is the time of global crisis of values ​​that are essential to human life on the planet, what some call new existencialism.
The deeper historical reason is a crisis that comes from apparently universal models of crisis states and nations that respect and tolerate only the eigenvalues, the refusal of a solidarity and universal fraternity that includes all peoples and cultures.
Networks are facilitators, but they appear much later than these “existential” crises that make the flight into space, to the senseless radicalism gain strength and alternative dimension in the minds of those who are recruited by terrorist organizations.
There is a fear of empty lives, people without the right to a minimum of territorial space, intolerance with the values ​​and cultures of these people, they do see the radicalism of the last consequences, that take the lives of themselves and others, the only possible way to protest.
Networks are on the other hand facilitate contacts and humanitarian actions that fight more effectively radicalism than the simple use of force, which can kill one of these radicals, but does not kill the root of these recruitments that is what gives reason a type of truly inhuman radicalism and against life.


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