New service by satellite is effective

30 Jun

Yes, and already arrived in the Brazil, at an event held on TuesdayHughestnet morning (28/06) American company Hughes announced his arrival in the country, providing broadband satellite service throughout Brazil, the company actually it operates since 1968 when satellite services began, but was used for national military purposes.


The goal is to reach regions which do not reach the ADSL or optical fiber, the more powerful, offering a high quality internet in rural areas or inner cities of the states where broadband services do not operate efficiently, the service is called HughesNet.


The service uses a frequency band called Ka, especially for high-capacity satellites that can work at a relatively lower cost, down to companies but not so low as to mainstream users, the plans can be hired from July.
Support, installation and after-sale shall be borne by a partner who is Elsys, and residential plans will cost to 10MB download and 1MB upload, requiring even afford a membership fee of R $ 359 90 (U$ 100).
Moreover, the service is based on a Ka band, a frequency at which high-capacity satellite can work at lower cost – and this is obviously reflected in a slightly lower price to the end consumer. The plans of HughesNet can be hired from Friday (July 1), with the support, installation and after-sale shall be borne by the partner company Elsys


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