(Português) Pontos da IoT para 2017

27 Oct

IoT points in 2017 The company’s technological forecasts Gartner analyzesiot2017 because the IoT (Internet of Things) has not yet kicked off, and points out some points that can make this internet happen in 2017:

IoT security

The IoT has introduced a range of new security risks and challenges for the devices, their platforms and operating systems, communications and even systems which may or must be connected. Safety is something complicated by the fact that “things” have individual processors and their own systems, such as batteries, operating systems and devices that heat.

IoT Analytics

Analyze performance and functions in “things” is different to do on computers or smartphones because the business model is modified to the extent that will analyze information collected by things not by customer in ultimately are people, new tools and algorithms analysis are under development, but it is believed to be stable around the year 2021 should go to developing as needed.

IoT management

“Things” delay duration are not trivial, require management and monitoring.

This includes monitoring devices, software and firmware updates, diagnostics, analysis and reporting of accidents, which may cause problems in scale to the management task.

We highlight these three essentials, but now will have others that Gartner notes: Processors management in wider areas with internet connection, processes and low-power processors, platforms and operating systems for the IoT, and finally Standards and Ecosystems for IoT.

More detailed analysis is in the Gartner report ““Top 10 IoT Technologies for 2017 and 2018.”




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