Better things of life

21 Nov

We continue reading Peter Kreeft, in Socrates’ alleged dialogue with evolucaoPeter Pragma, are now talking about professions, and Peter says:
“PETER: Well, that’s what I’d choose: practical, not theoretical, sciences. Technology
SOCRATES: Right. So far we have mentioned three areas of study for you: business, practical science, or technology, and liberal arts. Do you see what each of them can give you?
PETER: Of course. Business: will bring money, power technology, and liberal arts pain.
They continue the dialogue and later Socrates says:
SOCRATES: And what are the ends for which power and technology are means?
PETER: Making the world a better place to live. Cars, rockets, bridges, artificial organs and Pac-Man.
SOCRATES: So, technology improves the material things of the world.
PETER: Yes, including our own bodies. That’s pretty important, do not you think?
SOCRATES: Oh yes. But I wonder if there should be something even more important to us. If we could improve our own lives, our own actions, our own behavior … “(Kreeft, 2016, 34)
It is not conclusive, but the reasoning is somewhat complete on page 35, where Socrates says about good and good:
SOCRATES: Well, not necessarily “better” in an absolute and unlimited sense, especially if we use “good” and “good” without defining them. … “and continues, but Peter refutes:
PETER: Politics and ethics? Impossible. I want something practical.
We will return to the question of technology in the next topic.

Pages in Brazilian Edition: KREEFT, P. As melhores coisas da vida. Campinas: Ecclesiae, 2016.


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