Were is the world going?

25 Nov

This happens to me often, I go into a bookstore to see a book and another jumps paraondevaiomundoright into my mind, the phenomenon is less common on the internet, and they say it scatters.

Wherever the world goes, Edgar Morin seemed to want to confide me something, about Trump unlikely, about ecology perhaps, the book is from 2007, although the Brazilian edition of 2012.

Sometimes I skip the preface, but this one by François L`Vonnet is very good, starts talking about the construction of a solitary work, although Morin so often spoke of the woman.

L ‘Yvonnet’s preface speaks of his “original work, one of the most consistent of our age, which makes complexity a fundamental problem and a new paradigm.” (Preface, page 7).

It speaks of the emptying of man, helped “to shatter it, to fragment it, depriving it of its multidimensional richness (its identity is both biological, psychological and social)” (ibid., page. 8).

For L’Yvonnet the human being must be enriched with all its contradictions. The thought must be’dialogical ‘, capable of letting the contraries flow, which complement each other and fight each other. “(Idem, page 8).

He repeats Heraclitus, “living from the dead and dying of life,” recalls the anthropological pseudo-syntheses of man “man is not only homo’s pacifiers” (while he knows and knows that he knows), “faber” (Calculator and moved exclusively by personal interest), concepts that are not only reductive (and narcissistically valuable), which put the human being in a corner, that is, isolate him from everything “(idem).

Man is “equally and indissolubly” (while inventing, imagining or killing) and “ludens” (while amusing, exalting, weaving).

Morin’s new humanism and examination of the future “resists any blissful reconciliation or optimism.” (Ibid.), But proposes a “planetary humanism, which brings about an awareness of the” Homeland “as the community of destiny that is the source of perdition” (idem)..

This is just a tasting, so we can talk to “Where is the world”.

MORIN, E. Où va le monde ?, Paris: L`Herne, 2007


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