Games and the Generation Z

13 Dec

The philosopher Bernad Suits (The Grasshopper, Games, Life and Utopia, 2005)ludens is one of the rare ones trying to analyze the consequences of this generation linked to the games and youtubes, I have at least something to celebrate, they were from the big press and TV, But is this enough?

According to Bernard Suits, this generation seeks three basically defined aspects: A predefined ludic goal, clear constitutive rules (adults do not always do this, they change all the time) and especially the playful attitude.

In his book The Grasshopper, Games, Life and Utopia (2005) also discussed the theme in his book, his primary focus is games, claiming it is possible to interpret all types of games based on three concepts: a ” Ludo Objective * Pre-defined “,” Constitutive Rules “and” Playful Attitude “.

One analysis that we can do outside the book is that a game, has a special meaning for each player, who is motivated to follow the rules of the game, even if they limit the player’s freedom, they can follow them because they are clear A correct logical attitude but worrying little human) causing him to have to voluntarily overcome unnecessary obstacles, if there is a logic can transpose them, but life is sometimes presented with illogical characters.

Regarding the playful attitude, although the games are made by big corporations, aiming for profits, it is less and less common to play chess, hide and seek and other directly human interaction, children are not to blame for this, we live in a world lacking of time.

Worse than this, adults reject homo ludens, they have difficulty coping with it, and apparently the teenage generation of today, Z, will face this more harshly, together with a stronger economic and human conjuncture, where we can Balance these children?

Adults see this only as “too much stimulation,” not as stimuli in one direction, playfulness is important, but life should get into “play.”

Read more in Ethics, Vol. 77, No. 3 (Apr., 1967), pp. 209-213, available at:




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