Machado and the literary canon

21 Dec

I have always found insufficient the analysis of Machado de Assis, it was necessary to look machadoat an educated Machado and like any good intellectual capable of influencing, without losing his Brazilian, mulatto and great brazilian author.
The author Sonia Netto Salomão, wrote the book released this year Machado and the literary canon (Eduerj, 434 pp.,2016), she is Brazilian, but is a professor at the University of Rome La Sapienza, and deepened her studies in the Italian context Of Rio de Janeiro in the second half of the nineteenth century, with a strong influence of Dante, Machiavel, Leopardi and emphasized his condition of frequent spectator of operas and dramatic theater in Rio de Janeiro, and the strong Italian influence in the book Dom Casmurro.
This analysis is going to go unnoticed for some time, because we oscillate in a good part of the national mentality, or by a European xenophobia (the American is worse), without realizing our strong European influences, or by an uncritical adherence of foreign readings being unable to see the nuances Of adherence in the national culture of Western thought.
The book costs around $ 60.00 (U$ 16)  and was published by editor Eduerj in 2016.


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