What was good to read in 2016

26 Dec

I talked a lot about books about Hermeneutica, the Other and issues of politicsadvertise and ethics that bombed in 2016, but there are less “dense” and equally good books, they are easy readings that can help a lot of people, the first one is by Mario Sérgio Cortella : Why do we do what we do? Short, cheap and very interesting.

What does the pleasure of everyday life take away from us? Lack of time for everything? Do you have a purpose for life? Seems self-help, but it is not, it is a very practical philosophy book, without “theories”.
Cheap and very simple is also Anxiety and Self-control, from the well-known and brazilian famous writer Augusto Cury, gives important tips on the stress of our lives and how anxiety is generated, I liked it mainly because it demystifies the fact that it would be too much or too much information, the problem Is “self-control”, we do a lot in the momentum.

My third place is in reverse order, because I always need deeper books was the girl on the train: audacious and very intelligent, tells the story of Rachel that every day trains to London, one day she follows a couple and discovers that the Young is missing, goes to politics and tells everything, ah turned movie yes, it’s what was in the poster, but did not see, the author is Paula Hawkings, she changed as I see my day to day and the people next door.

My second place is Peter Kreeft, it was a discovery almost at random, but it did me very well, he does philosophy Socratic fashion, this is dialogue, I read the Best Things in Life, see my post, and Socrates meets Hume, there are others to read.
The first and last on this list was Edgar Morin’s book: Where Does The World Go? The book is old, but this 2016 turn to nationalism and conservative thinking seemed timely, according to François L’Yvonnet’s preface, Morin “resists any blessed reconciliation or optimism” and proposes a “planetary humanism, An awareness of ‘Homeland’ as the community of destiny of origin of doom ‘(be my post and the following).

My stack for 2017 is ready, but events always divert my reading.



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