Books to I read in 2017

27 Dec

I already have 2 books in my stack: Spheres I: Bubbles by Peter Sloterdijk andbolhas Truth and Method (Wahrheit und Methode), the work of Otto-Hans Gadamer of greatest impact, where he tries to answer Heidegger’s question: “Where are we when we say we are in the world?”.
In Bubbles, the first of the Spheres trilogy, Peter Sloterdijk, just published in Brazil, offers a philosophical-existential inquiry to the question question of Heidegger, but also says about man and his relationship with his fellowmen and his surroundings, from the notion Of “intimate spaces” like “bubbles”, are we stuck in “bubbles” that are our “closed” circles?
Motivated by the economic climate, self-help must give way to more “psychological” books and alternative health issues, perhaps you can read two of the best-selling lists: psychologist Angela Duckworth’s work for educators, athletes, and even businesses, Where it indicates talent, it takes passion and perseverance for conquest: Claw – the Power of Passion and Perseverance, is already well sold and can bomb in 2016.
In the line of health care, the well-known Drauzio Varella gives signs that will bomb now in the books: Word Of Doctor – Science, Health And Lifestyle, where he gives tips of very recent discoveries of medicine and says how to take good health, without “fads”.
Of course there can always be surprises, someone better to explain the confused global situation of turning to patriotic and populist conservatism, new questions about ecology and someone who points optimistically toward the future.

Martin Gayford has been art critic, and Michelangelo – his epic life, is translate to portuguese in 2016, but its book is to year 2013.


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