What is verifiable in the post-truth

29 Dec

What the English, through the University of Oxford defined as post-truth, posverdadehas little or nothing to do with philosophical hermeneutics, that is, objective facts and personal beliefs, in the logic of the hermeneutical circle after entering into fusion and dialogue giving rise to new Truths when it comes to hermeneutics and thus, “individual” discourses are part of the whole.
The kind of truth at stake is that of the “authority” of pseudo-owners of truth, the state is in check, especially in the last elections around the planet, until Angela Merkel had losses in the regional elections of Germany, and the prime minister Of South Korea, takes with a “simple” act of corruption has totally lost the credibility, already in Brazil …
The logic of everyday life should change, bosses and bosses no longer have space in modern companies, it is known that many of them were manipulative and authoritarian, incidentally who is not, even among religious hierarchy is complicated, the pope tells the bishops that ” They are not princes. ”
Parents are terrified of their children’s contestation, but the truth is that no one grows up if they do not answer, do not question, the most important truth in philosophy is the question, the answer can take ages and fry millions of neurons.
I am of the opinion that there is a setback that I have called de-globalization, but a new cycle of changes will come later, a global globalization with the participation of all and a more “globalized” truth.



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