Whats happen in Brazil in 2016?

28 Dec

Manifestations, arrested politicians, record of hearing in sessions of the senatetrespoderes and congress, remember that last year was the monthly, impeachment, etc., was a lot, almost a fact per day, and still had the Olympics, prison of president of Congress Eduardo Cunha  and the bankruptcy of Rio de Janeiro, I almost forgot the main one: the demonstrations, some of them surpassing the millions.

My synthesis is that the three powers have resolved to “work”, sometimes for their own benefit (as it always was) and sometimes for the benefit of the population, but most often in confrontations and this is the novelty, for there would be such a balance “of three powers. “

Remember, in the first polemical decisions of the year, the Court decides on the validity and “rite” of the impeachment process of the former president Dilma Roussef, in March, 9 to 2.

The investigations of the lava-jet approach to Lula and Gilmar Mendes decides that Lula could not become minister chief of the Civil House of Dilma, Judicial dispute x Executive.

In May Minister Teori Zavaski decided to suspend Cunha (the impeachment had already occurred), because the Supreme Court understood that Cunha used the mandate to “promote spurious interests”, Legislative vs. Judiciary dispute.
In September Minister Carmem Lucia assumed the presidency of the FTS and changed the “solemn” tone of the house, and addressed the citizens to whom she gave “supreme authority over all of us, public servants”, even if this takes years is a new breath To a house so “learned”.

In a decision applauded by many, but not so much by the “learned” gentlemen, the Court decided to authorize the arrest of prisoners to be arrested in the second instance of Justice, but it had to be voted twice, until the OAB made appeals, only being approved at the beginning of October.

In a new vote hearing the people, the disapproval was considered unconstitutional.
But the biggest arm drop was for the end of the year, on December 5, Minister Marco Aurélio of the STF decided, at the request of the Sustainability Network, that Renan Calheiros should be removed from the position of chairman of the Senate, since Responds process.

He gave in to nothing, but Renan went through serious constraints, such as rejecting a court order, in a pathetic scene, but that showed the power he has despite the proceedings.

Ended up? No, new battle now on the 10 measures against corruption, which resulted in Sergio Moro and Gilmar Mendes going to the Senate, now Minister Luis Fux ordered that the “popular” nature project return to the National Congress, since it was completely Altered, escaping to its initial scope.

I will not conclude by just stating one fact: the three powers working, here its new.


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