What can we say about the year that goes?

30 Dec

In Brazil, a lot of people are already late, in the world allegations of corruption,dilmatrumph a conservative wave, the post-truth (we have already posted), it is difficult to comment everything, I then separated any facts related to Information, which is my beach:

The fact that news appears all the time on the Web has made many people pass not read more newspapers, but journalists found that having “a full day” to process news, could give more accuracy and more analysis in the facts, people need “digest”.

The serious and almost daily events of 2016 required ”serious” journalism with what is being called zero ethics or experience, is a response to post-truth, or time in which facts contest the Directed analysis.

The year began with the “white” Oscar that generated protests and ironies, no black nominees for awards, at this point the real in social media was very good, which joked the awards.

In february Ukraine officially broke with the pro-Western governmental coalition, breaking into a crisis that would make a war with Russia with strong interests there.
In March Obama made a history visit to the island of Cuba, which begins to resume with the US.

In April the impeachment process of President Dilma is presented in the Federal Chamber, presided over by Eduardo Cunha, who would be dismissed on May 5, on May 12 Dilma Roussef is removed from the presidency of Brazil and becomes defending for violating tax laws. The mass spectrometer of the Rosetta probe confirms the presence of substances related to the origin of life in the comet’s tail 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko, almost unnoticed but fundamental to explain the origin of life.

In June, in a surprising plebiscite the UK opts to leave the Eurozone, it is called BRExit, begins the Eurocoup Soccer on June 10 that would be won by Portugal.
The retired deputy Eduardo Cunha resigned from the position of president of the Brazilian Congress of Deputies, after which he will be arrested for misappropriation of public money.

The Olympic Games begin in Brazil, under the motto of improvisations (brazilian term is gambiarras), Brazil wins the unprecedented gold medal in football, the main selection begins to have victories over the command of coach Tite.

On August 31, Dilma Roussef is definitely removed from the presidency by assuming the presidency of her deputy Michel Temer.

On Oct. 4 Hurricane Matthew Hurricane hits Haiti causing 877 deaths and many damage, on October 7 Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for fighting the end of the Civil War in Colombia, but the people Rejects in plebiscite, and Bob Dylan Nobel Prize of Literature.

On November 8, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, and on November 26, Fidel Castro died and on November 29, a plane carrying Chapecoense in Colombia crashed, killing 71 people and leaving 6 injured.

In December, Brazilian poet and popular brazilian writer Ferreira Gullar died at the age of 86, Park Geun-Hye is removed from the South Korean presidency by favoring a friend, Matteo Renzi resigns from the post of prime minister of Italy taking over Paolo Gentiloni.

When we imagine that the tragedies were over, Andrei Karlov, the Russian ambassador to Turkey, is murdered and a few days later a Russian plane crashes, a band, a doctor and journalists.


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