I wish you peace? What Peace?

31 Dec

International day of peace, we wish for a happy New Year, it would be better happynewyearto make a commitment for a better year than this one, where world tensions seem to surface, the United Europe seems to be on the way out and the United States of America seems disunited, not to mention Of Jerusalem divided into three (and new tensions), Syria, Africa and the Arab world.

We are already talking about Pax Roman (see the post), the Westphalian Peace Treaty (the Tolerance Treaty) and the Eternal Pax, but it seems that it is not from any of this peace that we speak, in fact Pax Eterna is no more than the idealist model of Peace of modernity, what peace do we want then?

Perhaps a little of all of them, from the Pax Romana we should think of laying down the arms, but not only the defeated ones but rather the winners, of the Treaty of Peace we should desire the peace of tolerance, by the way, that is the acceptance of Different social and cultural values ​​and, from the Eternal pax, a treatise on Peace that looks at a world as a homeland of all, where differences do not mean intolerance, where the acceptance of values ​​and peoples is a truth and not a hypocrisy, and especially Where there are feelings of solidarity.

 Confessional messages, blessed and well-intentioned desires will not bond in a divided world, where the 2016 facts seem more promising for division than union, is a step back, no doubt, but perhaps necessary for us to reflect a little on OTHERS.

What I hear most is the word dialogue, the less I see it to be practiced, we must break the vicious circle of this pseudo-ideological, pseudo-religious discourse and in fact each one is inside his bubble (I will share the reading of the book Spheres I – Bubbles by Peter Sloterdick), yes they are not boxes, because they can remain closed, while bubbles are a breath of passing illusion, this is the idealistic world.

 Do not say anything to others about your conceptions and beliefs, listen to him carefully, he is wanting to tell you something all the time, although sometimes inconveniently, it is quite true, but perhaps because his ears are inattentive and his sight darkened .

“I leave you peace, I give you my peace,” said Jesus to his contemporaries, but what peace he gave, the one capable of suffering to the end, going to extreme sacrifice for the Others, and many think that this peace is An “inner peace”, something extraterrestrial or the “eternal pax” of the moderns, this has led us to two wars and may lead us to a third, it is a lying Peace.


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