Identity, dialogue and transparency

22 Jun

Three elements that seem distinct are in deep connection in a globalized time,DiálogoParentesis which is reflected in the incomprehension of the emergence of a certain form of nationalism, see the US and French elections, Brexit in England, but on the positive side of the dialogue is exactly the Understanding of which cultures have roots in originating societies

The confusion that we can see in Brexit now that the first deals begin to be negotiated is that from the economic point of view is a complicating element while in the aspect of immigration and relationship between nations is a very high tension.

Identity means to be aware of identity, and we have already done in several posts the analysis that is necessary for this awareness the dialogue with the different, since dialogue with equals is monologue, it can be said that the deeper the dialogue with the Other, The more you are aware of your own identity.

Transparency is the complicating element, so we said above that there is “a certain kind of nationalism” that sees only the pairs and never the different ones, it is a kind of closure that does not lead to greater identity because it is not transparent and authentic with itself and with the Other.

It is necessary to distort facts, to work with the relativism of truth and mainly to resort to prejudice, and all this leads to an absence of transparency both in the individual and in the social field, what is wanted is to shape society to a national mirror, inconceivable In an era already globalized, with people walking all over the globe.

What we see with the lack of transparency is an inevitable polarization in prejudices and ideologies, which is conceivable at an early stage of dialogue, but impossible to build relationships in a time that demands increasingly broad and open relations. It is possible to make the discourse that the conflict is necessary, but where it should move, to the closing in groups and bubbles, because the fragility of this discourse is evident, of course it is possible that in a point of the dialogue the tempers become heated, without the Fusion of horizons and a walk forward an epoché (put in brackets), open the ears to the listening of the Other


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