The beautiful, the contemplation and the meditation

29 Jun

In times of anxiety and consumption, the digital world is not responsible for this,OBelo but the emptying of being does not have time for listening, contemplation and meditation.

They are not exclusive fields of what is religious and not even in this field is always the contemplation of the beautiful and the meditation on the deeper meaning of the relationship between beings, between beings and things, what matters is not quality, but quantity.

As in everyday life we are accustomed to mere consumption and satisfaction, we never come to inquiry and contemplation, since these are not dedicated to mere consumption and not even to what is useful, as we have said in previous posts, it is necessary to silence the soul for See and listen to what is in a work of art, a poetry or a meditation.

It is not only a question of simplifying, but of deepening and allowing oneself to be invaded by the new, the beautiful and the inquiring, who we are? where are we going ? What do we do and why do we do it?

To quiet anxiety, to find moments of inner and outer silence, to allow oneself to invade the beautiful, and finally to produce an environment conducive to beauty, art and poetry.

Everything seems contrary to this, but Heidegger warned there is a use that is not always considered in language, which is the use of poetic language, one could say inclusion in language not in the style of poetry, but itself as a Form of articulation of language.

To consider meditation as a form of preoccupation deeper than the mere consumption of questions, relationships and even objects (the object of art is considered here) and make us capable of arriving at the new, the new mediations and even the new relations Ontological.

If beauty can be saving for the world, it is necessary to meditate on what is beautiful, in order to arrive at a historical awareness of what it represents as a transforming agent.


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