Prayer, meditation and thought

30 Jun

We left the meditation above as a suggestion, when we went to look at it on theMeditation Web already had more than 9 million hits, that’s a starting point.
One can think of prayer as a form of reading or listening, it is the same thing, it will be different only if we use music, but just think that it is another form of listening, perhaps the most primitive, some say that the origin Of the universe was a song, in physical terms is correct because they were waves working as strings (called String Theory) that vibrating in a certain tone gave rise to an electron when vibrating in a certain tone, in another tone gave origin to the subparticles that are the quarks and so on.
We may think that some angel or other entity played music, it is more ontological and more poetic, so at the beginning we should vibrate, reach a certain frequency of vibration, Buddhists say, but it is not very different for Hindus and Muslims.

What about Christian Meditation, then, has its origin in the oral tradition, but in its passage to writing, it suffices to remember that Plato and Aristotle are prior to Jesus, but this comes from Judaism and the Abrahamic tradition (Jews and Muslims too) Whose tradition is oral, but it is also the origin of writing, which is why the gospels, the “good news” or the news as we would say were written today.
It is necessary after reading and meditating, silencing our pre-occupations, our categories, the Greek epoche, Plotinus states in his work of greater influence the Enneads that the Soul and therefore all souls are images of the Intellect, as well as The spoken word is the image of the inner word (it is in Ennead V. 1).
In this way, on the one hand, it is a reality similar to the Intellect and, on the other, inferior and derived. It is endowed with intellection, but the intellection that is its own is inferior, discursive, but it already foresees the written form, the important one, however where it is dragged in the middle:
“Since the nature of the soul is one and in it there are many powers, sometimes all of it is carried to the noblest of itself and of being. Other times, the worst part, dragged down, drags the middle “(it is in Ennead II, 9, 2, 4-9), it is necessary then after reading to meditate until reaching the thought / knowledge, to become aware of the meditated.

The written tradition allows us to archive, store the meditate, think and be able to “remember” what was important to us there, then register in written form, today we can record the voice, or even make a video immediately.
Jesus’ disciples asked him to teach them how to pray, remembering the oral tradition of their ancestors, and the prayer given by the master was the Lord’s Prayer, to recognize that there is someone (or something) above us who guides us together: Our Father, who art in heaven, “whose name is blessed, sanctified, and we must conform to this collective design to do his “His will “, also reminds us of our material things “daily giving us our bread ” ..

Our offenses, just as we forgive those who have offended us, “and finally he delivers us from so many evils: injustices, desmandos and useless wars that we see through every country and every globe


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