In addition to the disciplinary and control society

07 Sep

The analysis of the Society of Fatigue Chyul Han points out the paradigm shift “from theAnSocietyControl disciplinary society to the society of performance points to the continuation of a level. It already inhabits, of course (I would put between quotation marks), the social unconscious, the desire to maximize production “(HAN, 2015, p.25).
Understand the disciplinary society as a society of negativity, which is not-having-the-right, “The society of performance is increasingly dissociating itself from negativity. In the style of the collective plurality of the affirmation Yes, we can express precisely the positivity character of the society of performance. “(HAN, 2015, 24)
The concept of Foucault (and others as Deleuze), of the “control society”, explains the author, does not give more account of explaining this change, much less the use of digital technologies, because this fact is much earlier to them, what if given now is the use in the “active life” with the technologies.
While the disciplinary society of the did not have this its “negativity generates crazy and delinquent,” the society of performance produces “depressives and failures” (page 25)
The computer accepts the challenge of performance and calculates “more quickly than the human brain, and without disgust it welcomes an immensity of data, because it is free from all otherness.” (HAN, 2015, p 56)
Not to invent a narrative, I quote the last three facts of the country and ask questions.
We found bags with money worth R $ 51 million (about U$ 16 million), in an apartment in Bahia, which was already proven to be used by former minister Geddel Vieira Lima, first question: This money was his alone ?, the second news are recordings of Joesley Batista is quick to say on the tape: Let’s do it all, but we’re not going to be arrested, “and about the godfather of his deportations and the agreement that gave Joesley exile:” Janot knows everything … the gang has already spoken to Janot, “asks: Which gang?
A third episode, yes a series that seems to be very long, is related to Rio de Janeiro businessman named Arthur Soares, nicknamed King Arthur for million dollar contracts with the governor Sérgio Cabral now arrested, he had an account called Matlock in the Caribbean which was where France began earlier this year to investigate, but this purchase would have involved the Brazilian Olympic Committee, would the government and the Sports Ministry know nothing? It’s just questions. There is still the Palocci case (minister of Lula), did you say everything pressed by the judges?
There were machines that did all this, its make by brazilian politicians humans.

HAN, B.C. A Sociedade do cansaço (The society of fatigue). BR: Petrópolis: Vozes, 2015.


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