Philosophy and ascesis today

19 Sep

The civilizational crisis that led to two wars were direct consequences ofACulturePhisicsEn thoughts, philosophy, and social structures that even starting from seemingly reasonable principles, such as the concepts of nation, state and moral, led to barbarities and atrocities that is the result of a naive awareness of the role philosophy, thought and knowledge.

Nietszche characterized this, especially referring to German culture as “herd” culture, Peter Sloterdijk more current speaks of immunology, the fact that we want to eliminate all viruses and diseases, but also leads to an idea that starting from the true civilizational crisis, we must defend ourselves from the Other, from other cultures and worldviews.

Nietszche asserts that this has its origins in Greek culture, which would never have abandoned the idea: “in their instinct of popular law, the Greeks denounced, and even at the height of their civilization and humanity, they never failed to utter words such as: belongs to the conqueror, with wife and child, with goods and blood. It is the violence that gives the first right, and there is no right that is not in its foundation arrogance, usurpation, act of violence “, in” “The Greek state” (Brazilian edition of 1996).

What man after modernity wants, this is Sloterdijk’s thesis is no longer a spiritual, but physical ascesis from exercises and immunology (perfect nutrition, athletic rigor, etc.), what Nietzsche at the end of Genealogy wrote about values that would be able to guide the lives of men in the twilight of the gods: “vitality, understood somatically and spiritually, is the medium that contains a gap between the more and the less. It has within itself the vertical movement that guides the ascents, it does not need additionally external and metaphysical attractors. That God should be dead in this context does not matter. With or without God each one arrives only as far as his (physical) form allows, “which is written in You have to change your life, (Du musst Dein Leben ändern. Über Antropotechnik, Frankfurt, Suhrkamp, 2009, still without translation to Portuguese).

The fact that we call football coaches, coaches of masters is not mere chance, soon also personal training, nutritionists and various other types of immunologists will also be masters of our lives, they direct our being.

The rebirth of being, the noosphere of spirit and mind, are forms of return to true life, the Lebenswelt and Lebensphilosophie, logic and philosophy of LIFE


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