Blade Runner 2049 is better

25 Sep

A classic fiction film is undoubtedly Blade Runner, I do not consider theBladeRunner best nor the first, because we must remember Lost in Space (1965 to 1968) if we think of TV series and the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Odyssey in the space of 1968, said by some: “the most incredible, beautiful and mentally stimulating science fiction film of all time.”
For those who knew the plot of the movie that is about to be released, there are some new and strange things.
But Blade Runner brought the replicants, hybrid beings whose true robotic identity is hidden, and only by the eye (more precisely by the iris could be identified) and in full war with humans, so they say, is the father of many modern science fiction in the robotic line.
In a cavernous setting in Budapest on an autumn morning in 2016, Harrison Ford – wearing a gray button-down shirt, dark jeans and a Ford-resistant grimace – is shooting a crucial rendezvous in Blade Runner 2049, now directed by Denis Villeneuve
For the first time in more than three decades, Ford is resuming its role as Rick Deckard, the fast-fingered, hard-drinking cop in 1982, of Ridley Scott’s first Blade Runner.
Why K (Ryan Gosling on the android hunter cop) does not just use the front door is not exactly clear, since the Blade Runner 2049 plot is protected with the kind of intensity usually reserved for Star Wars. (Even negotiating to get into the set demanded more and after a Voight-Kampff test).
Ana de Armas stated that her character is “strong and complex,” she “is Agent K’s mistress, her best friend, and the only person she can trust.”
After 30 years of Blade Runner there are some confirmed details: the public left Deckard injured and mistreated in 2019 Los Angeles, he disappeared, and the official LAPD of Gosling is on the hunt (possibly under the command of his boss, played by Robin Wright, although nobody involved with the movie say for sure).
Meanwhile there is a new generation of replicants – the series term for the androids that are built by a mysterious inventor named Wallace (Jared Leto), who is aided by a dedicated employee, Luv (Sylvia Hoeks).
That’s pretty much everything the 2049 team is saying, no matter how politely I ask. “I’m not even sure I’m allowed to say I’ve had a good time doing it,” laughs actor Gosling.
The launch is scheduled for October 5, 2017 (in Brazil).


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