When not to be, consciousness is

27 Sep

What is being, existence, and in a sense consciousness, we have already set forth AceitaçãoEnvarious developments from Husserl’s phenomenology, through Heidegger and Hanna Arendt to Gadamer, Paul Ricoeur and Emmanuel Lévinas, perhaps the argument is incomplete.
Heidegger said that there was another way of speaking of language than its common sense, and using Goethe stated: poetic language.
Clarice Lispector brazilian writer, wrote in her novel The Passion According to GH: “Being is beyond human. Being a man does not work, being a man has been embarrassment. The unknown awaits us, but I feel that this unknown is a totalization and it will be the true humanization for which we long. Am I talking about death? not of life. It is not a state of happiness, it is a state of contact. ”
Time is what is contact, if not relation and proximity, but where the unknown is, where my mind that will never be a software can penetrate, there is one beyond the human, as our author says, while many prefer Human, all too human , the first work of Nietzsche after having broken with the pessimism of Schopenhauer.
But curiously Clarice Lispector was close to Nietzsche and this continued close to Schopenhauer, his pessimism was not bad mood or madness as some suppose, it was only the evidence of a romantic idealism in crisis, almost of a mortal boredom.
In certain circumstances, or we leave the closed circle or we are doomed to it, we have already presented here the Philosophy of the crisis of the Brazilian Mario Ferreira dos Santos about which he said: “the eternal presence of being, in which we are immersed and that sustains us, the which allows us to communicate … “(Philosophy of the Crisis, 2017, 35) and then the crisis is not so deep, it has degree, and among them we can say that there is not a not being, but a being not being.
Acceptance and awareness within a hermeneutic circle of dialogue is an outlet.
We live not a time of crisis but a time crisis, the recent elections in Germany seem to repeat the vicious circle of growth of the far right, there AfD (Alternative for Germany) became the third largest force of the German legislative power , surpassing expectations and obtaining 13%, against the 4.7% of the previous election.
If the changes did not come, the crisis of our times could become a civilizing crisis.


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