Complexity, simplicity and purity

03 Nov

They seem contradictory in times of crisis, but it is not really reductionism isjesus_madalena_peq the attempt to reduce the human, the natural and all the complexity of life into dogmatic truths and therefore nothing simple and nothing purê, because simplicity ou nor simplificity.

The Complex is precisely to understand that each person, the whole of society, each being of nature and the whole of the universe interact, interact in a complex whole and that all this is simple if you are open to the Other, the Natural and the All Universe that surrounds.

We find in simpler people the complexity of life and the wisdom that penetrates the deeper revelations of Nature and the Universe,

Mahatma Gandhi claimed that if all Western literature were lost and only the Sermon on the Mount remained, nothing would have been lost, and he was not a Christian.

Einstein argued that it was easier to break an atom than a prejudice, for it is in the complexity of human formation and thought that we encounter many problems, greater in times when modernity wants to assert itself in the face of already decaying values: its morality, its model of state, social harmony and worldview are all in check.

Among all the blessings that are narrated in the biblical text of Matthew, all beatitudes are important, but two are directly in the center of the revelation: Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see the face and God and Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God, for they both set us before God: from his face and as his sonship.

In a time of such malice, of ever greater confidence that generates divisions and confrontations, purity (which is not reductionist naivete) is an essential value, Adorno claimed in Minima Moralia, “what world is this in which even a child distrusts a present, “and we would say of the world that not even the justice we should have respect for does not seem to deserve it.

What kind of peace do we want, what kind of meekness do we want (Happy the meek because they will inherit the earth), that is the question that is challenged by the dark times we live.

Several images can be reminiscent of the beatitude of the bible: the Samaritan (who rescues someone who has been outraged), Zacchaeus (who was a usurper and repented), blind people, vipers and so many other characters, but perhaps the greatest blessedness of Madalena, the ex-prostitute who changes radically of life and was one of the most faithful in the following of Jesus.


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