What is this crisis?

27 Nov

We post a long review of the Brazilian philosopher Mário Ferreira dos Santos, little known but notEdgarMorin less important,  states in his book (actually was recompiled) The philosophy of the Crisis, which despite affirming that we have already saved ourselves: “we saved ourselves skepticism and dogmatism, which are two positions of crisis on the gnosiological possibility of man “(Santos, 2016, 79), we have to go beyond this to have a worldview (or cosmogony that I prefer):” and consequently , to have a critical view of the crisis of finite existence.” (idem)

So we need to go further, Edgar Morin in a lecture said that he is beyond the crisis of the economy (he does not say but would say beyond the political crisis), is “a crisis of thought, Western civilization”, Mário Ferreira also makes this distinction since the Eastern and even the Arab (little quoted) are different, if they are in crisis, I think they are.
He affirmed in his lecture “The road to the future of humanity” that the current crisis “is the crisis of this humanity that can not become humanity”, and therefore is not “outside of it”, in the objects and in the political, but “within” it because the processes that are conducted today lead us to “a future catastrophe”, in the video can be understood.
It states that globalization is the worst and the best of the things that could happen, worse because weapons were produced on a world scale capable of destroying the planet and the various types of fanaticism and fundamentalism can lead to war, and it is better because “all the human beings of all the continents are reunited, without they knowing, reunited in the same community of destiny. ”
We know that the “world economy has no real regulations”, and the growing degradation of the biosphere, as well as the poor distribution of income, can lead us to a crisis even greater than the one we experienced in 2008, which seems latent.
It is if we are “reunited in the same community of destiny”, we are faced with the possibility that “a new world is born”, and it will be a new time to come, an advent, a new “arrival.”
It is necessary to develop a society on a world scale, in which “the internet can play a special role in this democracy,” because it is not a question of creating a world mega state, but a new model of global citizenship.We have a fundamental problem that this world community “reveals” to us, I would say that it is unveiled, because it will no longer be possible to remain “veiled” or re-veiled, which in this case would be how some want to make the world “de-globalized” in his lecture Morin reminds us of the positive effects of “interdependence”, “of exchanges” and of reaching a “new world” where local cultures survive.


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