The planetary´s crisis and its origins

28 Nov

Edgar Morin in his book Terra-Pátria explains that the growth of theAMundialização planetary place of citizens in modernity, began with the globalization of the globe, which made Cristovão Colombo reach America and Vasco da Gama make the way from the coast of Africa to the Indies, but this was a way of changing the land route through India and China, historically the contempt for “civilized barbarians.”
Morin wrote: “From the beginnings of the planetary age, the themes of the” good savage “and the” natural man “were antidotes, very weak, indeed, to the arrogance and contempt of civilized barbarians. In the eighteenth century, the humanism of the Light attributes to every human being a spirit that is apt to reason and gives it equal rights “(Morin 2003: 26)
The idea that Europe, first London after Paris, and now Germany, would be the most advanced cultures have led to: “Beethoven’s music, Marx’s thought, the message of Victor Hugo and Tolstoy address the whole of humanity. Progress seems to be the great law of human evolution and history “(idem), but did it really involve the globe, or was it a time of colonial wars, then two great wars and still a process of doubtful development.
We leapt up and in the postwar period, confidence re-emerged: “Great hopes for a new world of peace and justice came to fruition with the destruction of Nazism, in oblivion or ignorance that the Red Army was bringing liberation, but another bondage, and that colonialism had resumed its action in Africa and Asia “(Morin, 2003, 32).
Quoting the Gulf War and Kuwait War (1990 and 1991), they have shown that: “The collapse of Eastern totalitarianism will not long hide the problems of economy, society, and civilization in the West, will not reduce the problems of the third (Morin, 2003: 32), showing a line of fracture in the Middle East and the Arab world, the book is a prior one but one can cite the question of the Syria and North Korea, current fractures.
Morin brings to the future now full of problems: “But the truth is that world history has resumed its turbulent march, running to an unknown future, at the same time that it returns to a vanished past” (Morin 2003: 33). calls this phase of democlean: “In 1945, the Hiroshima bomb made the age of planetary iron enter a democran´s phase.” (idem).
It pointed well before the world crisis of returning to nationalism in the elections, that this was already in Morin, he pointed out well before the world crisis of returning to nationalism in the elections, that this was already in Morin: “In a dialogical made world between the forces of cultural, civilizational, psychic, social and political integration and disintegration, the economy itself became increasingly globalized more and became more and more fragile; thus, the economic crisis that arose in 1973 from a shortage of oil goes through several avatars without being really solved.” (Morin, 2003, 34)


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