Consciousness and the planetary crisis

29 Nov

If the picture seems complex to the man of the 21st century awakening,Cultura one can not sharpen the planetary consciousness, Morin (2003) points out 6 process on pages 36 and 37 in his book “Earth-homeland”:

“The Persistence of a Global Nuclear Threat The atomic threat has been and continues to be a factor of planetary awareness. The great virulent fear of 1945-1962, anesthetized under the balance of terror, reawakens. “, By unfortunate coincidence North Korea has just launched a ballistic missile into the sea of ​​Japan, the provocation remains.
“The formation of a planetary ecological consciousness The object of ecological science is increasingly the biosphere as a whole, as a result of the multiplication of degradations and pollution on all continents and the detection since the 1980s of a global threat to the life of the planet, “among the many contestations of the Trump government, the most effective and compelling has been the ecological issue because it threatens even deals with the Eurozone and also internally, California Governor Jerry Brown has announced on video that a a major meeting on climate change will be held in San Francisco in 2018, in clear opposition to the US government.
“The entry into the world of the third world The decolonization of the 1950s and 1960s brought to the forefront of the Globe 1.5 billion human beings, hitherto disowned by the West in the shallows of history,” it is well noted that Morin wrote this before humanitarian crisis provoked by the war in Syria, and African and Arab immigration is growing in Europe.
“The development of civilizational globalization is developing for the worse and for the better: for the worst, it brings irremediable cultural destruction; homogenizes and standardizes customs, habits, consumption, fastfood, travel, tourism; but this globalization also works for the best because it produces habits, customs, common life styles across national, ethnic and religious boundaries, breaking a number of barriers of misunderstanding between individuals or peoples, “Europe is changing its features and customs , while third world countries increasingly adopt globalized customs.
“The development of a cultural globalization While the notion of civilization covers essentially everything that is universalizable: techniques, utilitarian objects, skills, modes and lifestyles based on the use and consumption of these techniques and objects, the notion of culture covers everything that is unique, original, proper to an ethnic group, to a nation, “but contrary to what was thought to have reappeared nations like Armenia and Macedonia, several” former Soviet republics “and others struggle to emerge: Kurdistan and Chechnya,
Emerges a planetary folklore, like “the jazz that branched out in diverse styles from New Orleans, the tango born in the port district of Buenos Aires, the Cuban mambo, the waltz of Vienna, American rock that in turn produced differentiated varieties all over the world … the Indian zither of Ravi Shankar, the Andalusian Flemish, the Arabian melopeia of Oum Kalsoum, the Huayno of the Andes; led to the syncretism of salsa, rai, and flamenco-rock. “(Morin, 2003, page 39)


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