Planning the Paths of Lord and Idealism

11 Dec

A serious social illness created by idealistic mentality is perfecionism, AplainarOsCaminhosas well as economic and the vision of knowledge, in its perfect trait is the one that most affected and developed in the depths of human psychology idealism, but it brings several disorders and does not flatten any road.

The geometrical ideal, building and straightforward constructions, the ethicist morality of the state (Hegel defined it thus), lord even of the life and the hope of the people, does not really translate what is ethical, correct (and the rectum is only an appeal geometric) and what is good for human nature full of contours and imperfections, which should not have this name, perhaps the best translation in contemporary language is complexity.

Perfectionism can lead to symptoms like anxieties, obsessive disorders, although technically it is not a disease, it is at the root and what is worse in the thinking of many correct political, economic and even religious.

To flatten the ways of humanity should be just the opposite, to allow the human to develop, to discover possibilities and misunderstandings, to realize the process of learning that lasts a lifetime not only on the way to an unattainable perfection, but one that makes man happy .

The fact that diseases such as depression, various syndromes and human relationships are growing so difficult is nothing more than the difficulty of dealing with what is “imperfect” in its complexity, there are no equal people, not even equal mistakes, each one that commits it does for some new need of learning, this is for example, the difficulty of the so-called generation “neither nor”, by mistake of an overprotection.

Flattening the ways for a new “advent”, a new time, means first and foremost to rediscover the man, who is not the perfect, the Platonic “ideal” of beauty and purity.


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