Different Christmas Celebrations in the World

21 Dec

One of the curious celebrations is the one made in the city of San Fernando, in theaoNatalEstranhoEN Philippines, there happened the Giant Lantern Festival (Ligligan Parul Sampernandu), for this the city is called “capital of Christmas in the Philippines”.
In Sweden, a 13-meter gold goat made at the Christmas of 1966 in the Gävle Castle square is made at the advent, and people try to burn it, having succeeded 29 times, the last was last year.
Another Christmas that could not be different is in Japan, as well as beautiful traditions such as visiting sick people, offering gifts and decorations with lights that exist worldwide, a new concept that has emerged with American influences is the Christmas banquet From Kentuchy Fried Chicken, as the name says.
Finally he could not register the surprise Iceland, which after the crisis of 2008 resurfaced, is in the Soccer World Cup and also appear at Christmas with 13 characters, similar to the Trolls of the drawings, which are called Yule Lads (Jólasveinarnir or Jólasveinar in Icelandic), they visit children in 13 nights until Christmas, children put their shoes on the windows, leave good gifts for good boys and bad potatoes for those who misbehaved.
There are other strange natalies in Americana Americana, as in Venezuela that for strange reasons go of Patins in the Churches, in Colombia the people in honor to the Virgin Mary and the Immaculate Conception (its day is 8 of December), they make a Christmas of the old ladies, many differents in others Christmas.


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