Language, the Word and Christmas

22 Dec

Speech, language and semiotic language may seem the same thing but is not right, speechAMaryScripture refers to the utterance of a statement, the language to which particular people speak, for example, Portuguese and English, while language involves the complex structure of communication human, signs is diferent in diferent speech languages.
The most common of course, and the one we all do on a daily basis is speech, may not always have the syntactic correction of our language, in the Brazilian case Portuguese, but somehow we try to make ourselves understood by the other.
Language is something more complex, so complex than studies and the way language is used, words have taken on a deeper meaning, where the word has not only an origin (we say etymological, which means study and origin of words), then the word has a more fundamental meaning than that which it presents in speech.
Nominalist and realists diverged in philosophy until the end of the Middle Ages, none won because it overcame the idealism that separates subject and object, the resumption of linguistic turning is also a resumption of realism, but both still have an incomplete formulation, much of contemporary literature oscillates between realism and nominalism.
The complete meaning of the linguistic shift is that where the overcoming of subject and object dualism occurs, the realists argue that it is the material causes that define what is “real”, the modernist subjectivists claim that the real is formulated by the mind to a certain extent approaching idealism, we can mention among them since Hobbes, reaching the neo-positivists Rudolf Carnap and the linguist Ludwig Wittegenstein.
Its origin is also important for theology where John Roscelino (deceased in 1120), who despite the misunderstandings was the master of the great Abelard, created a nominalism that cast doubt on the Trinitarian dogma of God, not by chance, because all dualism is based on the idealistic principle: the being is and the non-being is not, without third hypothesis.
One can make an interesting connection like Christmas, if we think of the figure of Mary, icon for Catholics and Orthodox, and some Oriental churches, and the Word of Made Person.
It is Christmas starting, the Advent is finish,  and Mary is special for this story, was born the Word: Jesus.


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