Intel Hardware Insecurity

15 Jan

The storage of data had 3 levels: the external memory (HDs), the memory aMemoryKernelof the computer (the RAMs) and the many internal ones before called Register and today is the Kernel Memory, are in the kernel of the computer and are the faster, but can also be windows for data theft, today there is a fourth level which is the external stores in clouds, computing center scattered around the world selling these stores.
An error in the production of Intel’s chips, which make up almost 90 percent of the world’s computer chips (smartphones are very different), has just been caught in a design flaw that gives data vulnerability.
AMD, a competitor of Intel, took the opportunity to point out that its Kernel memory (computer core memories) are unaffected by hacker attacks, and does not allow access to passwords and other sensitive machine data, through which data from a computer can be stolen.
According to Paul Kocher, president of security company Rambus for the New York Times, the problem could be bigger if access was in the clouds, where large parts of the data are already being stored today, this is because the sharing of machines this sharing of core memories) can be made, even if considering the security protocol that avoids access to other memory levels.
Security issues with the giants Amazon, Microsoft and Google, in addition to the chipmaker Intel may rock the market, in addition to AMD other Eastern competitors should be on the lookout, we alerted to the key problem.


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