Thereal crisis and the pain

30 Mar

The true crisis of contemporary society lies in the idea that it is possible to abolish pain, the contradictory and even death, so it abolished not only the idea of ​​a One God, but any possibility of a cosmogony that gives vent to the life- death-eternity.
Petr Sloterdijk gives this phenomenon the name that I think is more correct “immunology”, the idea that we can be immune to any “contagion” and some take it to “toc” and vice, to be correct with the author I give his definition: “Immunological systems are expectations of damage and violation, somatized or institutionalized, which are based on the distinction between the self and the stranger .” (Sloterdijk 2009: 709)
It is the most correct, in my view, since all this search for perfection, immunities, excess of moralism (it is different from the moral that is a true asceticism), make the man fall into a void meaningless, they want to blame the artifacts themselves who build by their unhappiness, a simple analysis is enough and we see that it is another insanity: things are what we humans lend to it, therefore the ball of time returns to the man and to the Being.
Two agnostic friends pointed out to me that I believe there is a supernatural world beyond the natural, and that by becoming bread and wine Jesus explains to us what human artifacts are, at least these, well these two friends pointed to the cross and said: meaningless.
What is meaningful is to ignore tragedy, the man before death, “who with life deceives” said Goethe, well: what the pain, thousands of alternative medicines have managed to extinguish the pain, someone has managed to rise again from the dead? the answers are obvious.
But it is not evident, a God-man who was Jesus, before death and the cross cried out, “My God, my God, why did you forsake me?” It is even more paradoxical to think that he was God, life since he had always called God the Father.
Perhaps he could even call this crisis of Abandoned Jesus, a society that wants to go forward, but lives returning to the past, to the point that he wants to revive The Wealth of Nations.
To ignore the tragedy in the Greek sense, even Nietzsche complained about it, is to ignore his departure.

SLOTERDIJK, P. (2009) Du musst Dein Leben ändern. Über Antropotechnik. Frankfurt, Suhrkamp.


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