The singularity and the tecnoprofetas

09 May

Before Jean-Gabriel Ganascia talked about the Myth of Singularity, the idea that machines would surpass man in human capacity, had already been analyzed by Hans Moracev in his work: Men and Robots – the future of human interfaces and robotics, careful and ethical Ganascia did not fail to quote him.

There are groups that study the ethical issues that this involves as the Center for the study of existential risk at Cambridge University, but also groups engaged in this project with University of Singularity, with weight sponsors such as Google, Cisco, Nokia, Autodesk and many others, but there are also ethical studies such as the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies that Ganascia participates in, and the Institute of Extropia.

In the account of technoprofetas, the word was coined by Ganascia, a genius prejudice Kurzweil is one of the most extravagant, injected drugs in the body preparing to receive the “computational mind”, but with prediction for 2024 already spoke and now it is for 2045 to 2049 , something that is incredible for someone who is said to have no beliefs, for this fact is very distant if it occurs.

Ganascia thinks this is a false prophecy and Moracev analyzes the difficult real possibilities.

The Gartner institute that works on forecasting predicts neural computing still crawling with predictions for 20 years from now, interfaces like Amazon’s Alexa and Hanson’s Sophia, are human interaction machines that learn things from everyday language but are far from the so-called machines of a general artificial intelligence, because human reasoning is not a set of propositional calculations as they think.

One can argue more this is because people are illogical, but this according to what logic, what we know is that men are not machines and what we ask if machines are men, is the essential question that inspired the series Blade Runner, the book of Philip K. Dick “Do androids skeep dream of electric sheep” from 1968, which inspired Blade Runner.

I think dreams, imagination and virtuality are faces of the human soul, robots have no soul.


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