The imaginary, the belief and the faith

29 Jun

Imaginary comes from the image, the most recent discoveries of the paleolithic man, such as the Chauvet cave in December 1994, reveal a human soul from the beginning shrouded in images and in the imaginary, virtually all cultures exist the absurdity.

Modernity was the first attempt to create a society totally distant from any “superstition,” the “sapere audi” daring to know, upon which Max Weber ruled the “fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization and, above all, disenchantment of the world”.

The imaginary takes us further, as Max Weber also said: “History teaches us that man would not have achieved the possible if he had not often tried the impossible” and fortunately there are “stubborn” poets, artists who are also present in the digital world, who insist on the imaginary, the virtual and even the impossible.

To go further means to have hope and faith, as described by the evangelist Matthew, who answered the apostles about his difficulties: “For the faith which ye have is small, and I say that if ye have faith the size of a grain of mustard , may say to this mountain, ‘Go hence, and he will go.’ Nothing will be impossible for you. “in Mt 17:20.

As popular wisdom says: faith removes mountains, but there is also a dose of extraordinary, something unexpected, which is just the enchantment of the world, the human soul wants to be surprised, look for it in shows, theaters, cinemas and other forms of manifestation .

An unbelieving world of the extra-natural (not to speculate about the supernatural) is part of the contemporary world, after all the distrustful, the critics of reality and the disenchantment of the present world do nothing other than prophecy, for they are generally speaking of a future, but in a negative and apolitical way.

After all, it can not be said if Paul of Tarsus really lost his sight and then recovered it, if he was imprisoned and an angel appeared to free him or not, it is certain that afterwards he continued to live, then somehow faith saved him , curiously what Jesus repeats most and there is not a single passage in which he affirmed: “I saved you”


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