The stomach, the mind and the heart

03 Aug

The path within the longest human body to go is what goes from the head to the heart, or from the heart to the stomach, I would say it is the second because it goes through the pocket.
You can not eat those who have no money, so the poor discover that they must go through the pocket of the rich to have something or even begging, to satisfy the stomach.
But Jesus is harsh when he says to the thousands of followers who sought him: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, ye seek me, not because ye have seen signs, but because ye have eaten bread, and been satisfied” (Jn 6:26) material and human dogmas, and forget that the spiritual is part of the human problem, it is because of lack of soul and humanity that there is hunger.
The imprisonment of dogmas of the human mind, ignoring both the feelings symbolized by the heart and the human, economic, and spiritual problems, neglects part of man and ends up reducing it to categories of utility or idea.
The human complex must be thought and respected as a whole, reducing it to a fragment not only makes problems insoluble, but most of the time they end up aggravating it.
One reads in Arrabida’s letter on transdisciplinarity in the preamble: “the contemporary rupture between ever more cumulative knowledge and an increasingly impoverished inner being leads to the rise of a new obscurantism” (Letter from Arrábida, Portugal, 1994) .
Obscurantism is the absence of increasingly restricted dialogues and “liturgies” in the university sphere leading to the problem of obscurantism by looking at man in one or the other aspect only, denying it as a complex whole.
Not even bread will live the man, although poverty lingers on the globe, and many people live even without a piece of ground that they can call homeland.


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