Beyond pragmatism

15 Aug

In physics there is no more cause and effect reasoning, the pure mechanism still present in the contemporary world, even among scholars.
For example, about ten years ago, James Crutchfield and John Mahoney (University of California at Davis) have mathematically demonstrated that many sequences of statistical data have “embedded” an arrow of time.
An observer who sees the data reproduced from beginning to end, like the frames of a movie, can model what will come next using a modest amount of memory about what happened before.
In quantum mechanics the distinction between waves and particles no longer exists. This unified physics, clarified phenomena, but did not change the way of thinking, as this depends on the culture.
Micro bodies that are normally seen as particles, such as electrons, can behave like waves in certain situations, while objects we normally think of as waves, such as light, which are now seen to behave like particles.


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