The quantum and cosmogony

17 Aug

In addition to quantum physics, there are still mysteries in the so-called dark matter and dark energy, such as black holes formed with the explosion of supernovae, solar stars with mass up to 10 times larger than a solar star, very bright disappear and give rise to black holes , there are recent discoveries and studies with some clues about them.
Dark energy is about 70% of the universe and dark matter 25%, free hydrogen and helium are 4%, and what we know: sub particles, heavy elements, neutrinos and stars are only 1%, quantum physics helped us to penetrate this mystery just a little.
All this justifies the various cosmogonies built in virtually every culture, Myths, from the Greek mýthos, tell the origin of things (origin of fire, wind, water, plants, animals of man, etc.), by means of supernatural events, but which may rather have real meanings, observations and human experiences before the cosmic mystery.
They usually portray battles, marriages, and marriages between fantastic beings, but they almost always signify some dominion over the forces of nature that the human mind has not penetrated.

When there is an end, not an end, but a goal or a destination about things, beings and facts, there is a cycle called eskaton, forming an eschatology, a complete story with its cosmological end.
In the Christian cosmogony, a special eschatology is the coming of Jesus, his Mary would have conceived in an extraordinary way his son, but the revelation little explored and understood is the speech of Izabel to cousin Maria, who soon to conceive will visit her and Isabel affirms (Lk 1:43): “How can I deserve the mother of my Lord to come to me?” Mary is then the MOTHER OF THE LORD.
The myths about the origin of the world connect cosmogonies and theogonies, Christian theogony can not leave aside this question, the master’s mother, to Teotokos


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