How’s civilization going?

24 Aug

The civilization crisis, deep in the West at least, is evident, the retreats with problems of wars, economies in crisis and cultural and religious intolerance, are increasingly evident, but where are we going?
One must first recognize that in several historical processes there were retreats, one of the clearest cases was the restoration of the monarchy in France, a period that was the fall of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814 until the Revolution of July, 1830.
Peter Sloterdijk wrote “If Europe awakens” at the turn of the millennium, also criticizing Europe as “the center’s empire,” while Edgar Morin speaks of breaking “with all forms of domination, imperialism, colonialism, living, in relationships with nature, and in the inter-human relationships themselves … “(MORIN, VIVERET, 2013, 45).
However profound cultural changes are in the process, every change arouses a dose of inertia and conservatism, this is our analysis of the rebirth of exaggerated nationalisms (we must differentiate from cultural and ethnic issues that are fair), new forms of concentration of income and of exclusion.
Morin analyzes the process of transformation of modernity as “the process of pacification, of civilization used the danger posed by barbarians, aliens and infidels” (Morin, Viveret, 2013, 57), warning that the pacification process failed , which is also described in Peter Sloterdijk’s main work “Rules for the Human Park,” which was a response to Heidegger’s Letters on Humanism.
As the anthropologist and economist Karl Polanyi warned in “The Great Transformation,” Morin warns of the danger of market societies as opposed to market economies, where he hears a passage of what had value was priceless, “for what has not price has no value “(Morin, Viveret, 2013, 61), where the perverse logic of financial speculation and political corruption destroys economies and nations, not to mention situations of humanitarian crisis across the globe.
It requires deep structural changes: the model of state and democracy, control in the market and services of the new social, restructuring of the educational model that includes transdisciplinarity between diverse areas, and awareness of cultural and religious diversity, among many other necessary .
As the Bible says in John 6:60, “When they heard this, many of his disciples said,” Tough is the word, who can bear it? “This seems well applicable to the present historical moment.

MORIN, E., VIVERET, P. Como viver em tempo de crise ? (How to live in times of crisis?) Rio de Janeiro: Bertrand Russel do Brasil, 2013


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