Sloterdijk’s immunology

28 Aug

Sloterdijk’s immunological concept, well before the process of returning to nationalism that we have plunged in several countries, and even in Latin America, is not only an individualized explanation of living, but now also of society as a whole.
But Sloterdijk started from the individualized life (or biós, from Greek) that was characterized as a success stage of immune systems, ie, the phase in which the relationship with man with nature was learning, the definition of systemic biology, to explain that there can be no way of life that does not worry about the conservation of their immune structures.
“If we quote the metabiological statement that immune systems would be embodiments of injury expectations or expectations of some harm, it is clear that human cultures, insofar as they represent the totality of preventive procedures – or, we can say, traditions – are elaborated with greater sensitivity against immunity than animal and plant species. And not everyone knows that the concept of immunity was originally not a biological concept, but a jurist, which was used as a metaphor in biology.” (Critique of Cynic Reason, 1983).
Plato had a similar system, but made use of images and analogies in the “pastoral” sphere to talk about the formation of the individual, for Sloterdijk this slosh association between teacher and pastor, students and herd, only dissolved with reformed pedagogies of the twentieth century: “At the time, this happened after World War II, in institutions like Summer Hill, where the student came to be thought of as a self-educated herd” (SLOTERDIJK, 1983)
Sloterdijk adds that the pedagogical question of how to educate the human being is superimposed by an evolutionary biological drama: “The second discovery of the need to form the human being as a human being proper – that is, to immunize him with domestication against his own associability – occurred in the nineteenth century when Charles Darwin placed man at the end of the evolutionary series in his theory on species “(Sloterdijk, 1983), stated in his work.
Our point of view is that there is also a spiritual sphere in which man evolves, his spirit evolves, the Noosphere, as described by this Teilhard Chardin.


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