Between purity and brotherhood

31 Aug
Most everyday religious thinking is that we are immersed in a culture of impurity, of things that are not healthy, this led to what Peter Sloterdijk calls immunology, the idea that we should separate ourselves from everything that is “impure.”
But this concept can be extended to ethnicities, xenophobic cultures, endogeny, worship to a specific form of gender, among many others, also religious.
Perhaps the greatest impurity of our time, is precisely to consider the Other impure, or unworthy, or inferior or any form of exclusion, which is nothing more than refusing to leave our “sphere”, our security, a fundamental part of this reasoning is the distrust.
The fact that someone thinks differently should not be a reason, to consider the Other’s thought and way of life as something dangerous or even harmful to our “culture”, is something new, curious that we should be interested in and try to understand its way of to live, which is their “sphere.”
In biblical terms, this was what Evangelist Mark wrote in Chapter 7, 14-23, in showing the Master’s vision of what makes men impure indeed: “Listen, all of you, and understand: what makes a man unclean it is what comes into it from without, but what comes out from within. For it is from within the human heart that evil intentions, immorality, robberies, murders, adulteries, outbursts of ambition, malice, fraud, debauchery, envy, slander, pride, lack of judgment come out. All these evil things come out from within, and it is they that make man unclean. ”
It is easy to understand how much of the “spherical” reasoning is present in various protection rings, it is the virtual walls that we erect around us and seem to provide security.

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