Incomplete verses and power

30 Oct

All incompleteness is human, but it is also the cause of our blindness, we could complete it with dialogue, attentive listening to the Other, or with the postmodern philosophy that has nothing to drink but is very solid: living in the Other , a post-me.
I see libertarian, literary and biblical verses, all incomplete, by the absence of the Other, or by the simple idealistic division between subjects and objects, here made plural, to give meaning to a verse by Fernando Pessoa (importante portuguese poet):
“I only want to make it of all humanity; even if I have to lose it as mine. More and more like this I think “, also incomplete, but final because at first it is only that many know “Navigate is accurate, live is not necessary “, which was not his, but the motto of many Portuguese navigators.
This poem also needs completeness: “I am increasingly putting the impersonal purpose of magnifying the homeland and contributing to the evolution of humanity. It is the form that in me has taken the mysticism of our Race, “as this is welcome in times of eternal return.
I wanted to make a thought about power, but I cannot but be power, says our Portuguese poet: “Everything I think, All I am Is an immense desert Where I am not”, are verses of “Everything I think” (Fernando Pessoa) being also incomplete.
Complete with my student life, fighting for democracy in an authoritarian country, I said the final verses of this poem of everything I think: “Extension stopped With nothing to be there, Sand sifted I’ll give you the sting of the life I’ve lived.”
Said Faust in his Goethe (it was the character to say): “although I do not cast my being if it solves in nothing”, power of whom? What can you do about my Being?


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