The case of the birth of Jesus

03 Dec

It is Christian dogma that Jesus was God, and indeed he was resurrected the era, but the fact that was born is not dogma, although controversial in the biblical text of Luke (2: 1-5):
“In those days there appeared an edict of Caesar Augustus, and ordered a census of the whole inhabited world.” This census was the first while Quirinus was Governor of Syria, and they were all enrolled, each in his own city. Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, in the city of David, called Bethlehem, for being of the house and of the family of David, to sign up with his wife Mary, who was with child.
But the controversy is not the Census and the birth of a boy named Jesus, but the fact that when Quirinus was prefect of Syria and Herod king of Judea, remember that Herod wanted to kill the boy who would be “king” thinking that he would steal his throne, and then he does a very infantile one, it happens that this is not simultaneous with Quirino in Syria, but it is only a quarrel.
The fact is that it was not easy either, first they had to go to Bethlehem, José’s homeland a census imposition, and they did not find a house, then they had to flee to Egypt due to the death of the children that Herod sent for not knowing who it was the boy-king.
At last the times were not easy, compared to our time we can say that it is Christmas Yes, although the date is imprecise, for us Christians, those who do not believe also celebrate, it is a time to have hope, to want the “clearing” and to fight for a better future.
False Christianity forgives us, but those who persecuted, who killed and tortured were the Roman empire, the Christians and the simple people, the children killed by Herod, were innocent.


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