What books will I read in next year?

26 Dec

Undoubtedly the first of Lisa, I have already commented in some posts, the recent book by Martha Nussbaum “The Monarchy of Fear” (Monarchy of fear, 2018) is the first in the list, if there is no sooner some translation in Portuguese or Spanish I will face the Englishman himself.
A book that makes some success in Portugal is “The Secret Life of Trees” (Parchment, 2016), I have not read or seen comments I just know that its author Peter Wohlleben is a forester and promises to tell many fascinating and even astounding stories about the characteristics of trees, as their forms of communication that are already admitted by science.
There is something Brazilian interesting, many things, Clovis de Barros Filho has released “Gods for Clarice”, from Benvira publisher, his comments are always very interesting, and the author promises to delve into the world of mythologies in the complex world of Chaos, Gaia, Chronos, Aphrodite and other characters from Greek mythology, but through real characters placed in dialogue, the proposal is interesting and innovative.
To make my own aporia (my dead end), I will read “A Brief History of Philosophy” (2011) of a philosopher.weblog with it is entitled, English Nigel Warburton is known as disseminator and popularizer of philosophy, is a full professor of the Open University which is another particular interest and lastly wrote about “The question of art” (), there will be surprises?
Of course I have my scholastic duties, in particular the epistemology: revision of some texts of Hans Georg Gadamer, Edmund Husserl, Popper and Thomas Khun, and others that usually appear and occupy our mind.
Good readings in the coming year, I have just read that Brazil is the 5th most ignorant country in the world, sad … who knows someday we will reverse this, starting with us: read more.


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