Neither yes nor no, the third excluded

31 Dec

Among the books I will not read are those of William Davies, a sociologist and English political economist, who wrote “How Feeling Took Over the World” and the book by Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt “How Democracies Die “, New York Times best seller.
In addition to such trivialities as the discovery of the dishonesty of traditional politicians, journalists and executives, a criticism of the growing fury of growing conservatism, which generates a crisis of confidence, little or almost nothing says where we will go, except to combat corruption, but it would fit the question which one? The right was never honest.
Between the Yes and the No, between Fora and Fica (left say this in Brazil), there was never a third option except for the case of Iceland that made a constitution by crowdsourcing and let banks and big companies bankrupt practically banning the state trash.
Portugal is a different case, a competent left creates a “geringonça”, in Brazil could be a gambiarra, but to overcome the ranks of “outside” and “no” seems difficult, but it is not impossible, we would be able to dialogue, after all many speak in dialogia.
The growing wave of conservatism is a bubble, the problem is what can replace it, a comic left of the type of Venezuela and Nicaragua is doomed to failure, creates an even stronger state that wants to dominate all the ins and outs of society. I have seen a lecture by Florent Pasquier of the Sorbonne of Paris, which shows that the excluded third exists, starting from Aristotle’s law that any proposition, or it is true, or its negation is, it seems at this historical moment to have become false.
Nor is it true that the left is incorruptible, in the case of Portugal only await the condemnation of Socrates, ex-prime minister, in Brazil there are controversial, but it is certain that someone absurdly stole the state, under the eyes of the left, nor is it true that the right will fight.
The third way is no longer the purism of the greens, a new left or a right that says not to be just “manager” politics, a third way must come from a broad dialogue between forces that are and can be even more representative of the people of aware parcels of society.
That 2019 is more dialogical, less emotional, not twisted and organized claque (fans clubes), but people willing to listen and talk.


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