Black Mirror: its is experience bandersnatch?

29 Dec

The movie-event’s launching expectation, in fact a false iteration to the public as there are only 5 possible endings for Stefan, the main character. Let’s go back, the Black Mirror TV series produced by Charlie Brooker in 2011 for British TV has obscure, suspicious and even satirical bids with the new technologies and for those who know the origin of the problems of modernity, little plunges deep into its crisis.
Netflix bought the series and divided it into 12 chapters, watched enough of them to see the dark and pessimistic side of new technologies, after all they’ve linked the world and even critics do not give up on handsets and applications that are important to the ubiquitous society. Returning to the film, it was released yesterday on Netflix and has 5 possible endings for the main character Stefan who at one point confuses reality and unreality (virtual is something else).
The possible endings for the movie released yesterday are: the more realistic is that Stefan discovers that the PAC (Program and Control) is a program done by the father who has used it since childhood, and is thus monitored by his father and his therapist the time all this is possible without any PAC.
The second “interactive” ending he discovers was the death of his mother in childhood, in an accident that the train was derailed and that he was not for having forgotten his plush rabbit and with this having missed the train, the rabbit had been hidden by the father, but possible and the PAC?
The third possible ending, Stefan’s father dies, but instead of bury him, choice decides to cut him to pieces, the young man manages to escape the accusations and ends the Bandersnatch game, bizarre and improbable.
In the final room Stefan shouts that someone is controlling it, there may appear on the screen of some users the Netflix logo (sic pure merchandising), when choosing Stefan’s computer begins to explain what is Netflix and there is almost a break of a fourth wall, who’s watching says he’s controlling Stefan, it’s a pass the ball to the public.
Following more or less the same steps as before, Stefan instead of fighting with the therapist, chooses to jump out the window, but in the end Stefan is an actor and receives the credits of it.
They say that there are other endings, but the fallacy is that the world of new technologies would be a form of control, now balls Nietzsche already complained of the control of society many before the movies, TV and new media, big brother is the state and the play of interess is the game.


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