The being, the infinite and the pure Being

12 Jan

If everything exists and not nothing, it is because something or somebody or both IS, and not-being does not necessarily mean nothingness, nihilism is the fruit of this idealistic gap. The hypothesis of the excluded third, on the one hand is a logical necessity, and on the other is a possibility of finding physical rations for the Non-Being, what was there before the Big Bang?

Although the theory of parallel universes or multiple Bing Bang, unproven hypotheses, the idea that there is something beyond the ex-sistent is plausible, so the Being that is pure Being, because preexisting is highly probable and feasible, as for his name would be only “What is,” which is the meaning of the word God.

God ex-siste because it was possible to extrapolate his pure being, his essence, and ex-sistence as a human limitation, pure ex-earthly and finite existence, the historical and pure being.

According to the biblical text, Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist in the words of Luke (Lk: 3-22): “And from heaven came a voice, ‘You are my beloved Son, in you I put my well-will'” , the unveiling (the word re-watching is contradictory) or the epiphany and beginning of Jesus’ mission are completed there.

It is incredible the idea of ​​the divine ex-existence in Jesus, is something like the physicist Michio Kiku on God: “so terrifying is its existence is its lack” (in Physics of the Impossible).

The entrance of God into history, the historical Jesus ex-siste, but should at the end of the terms deny oneself as not-being, and call God that he had called only “God my God, because you forsaken me,” moment of the human apex that at the same time merges and integrates the divine, dualism is broken.

Although we accept the hypothesis of its non-existence, something or someone was before everything, and was not nothing, nihilism is not only the negation of the ex-sistence is the negation of Being.



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