Winners of the 2019

25 Feb

Oscar Green Book: the guide, took the best film, and Peter Farelly on receiving the statuette said, “we know how to love each other, despite the differences,” Rome’s Mexican Alfonso Cuarón took three statues and film about the band Queen was the biggest winner of the night, with four awards.
A Rhapsody plus Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor with Mahershala Ali, Best Actor Rami Malek who played Freddie Mercury.
Spike Lee won his first real Oscar since he received an honorary award in 2006, was the original screenplay in “BlacKkKlaman”.
“Black Panther” took 3 technical awards, with two unpublished ones, plus soundtrack, won best costumes (1st for black professional) and best art direction (1st for a black woman).
Lady Gaga was not the Best Actress, but took Best Music for “Shallow”, it was Olivia Colman from “A Favorite”, who on apologies apologized to Glenn Close (“The Wife”) who was the favorite indeed.
Fleeing from the restricted circle of Hollywood with foreign actors and directors, the magic also seems to change, the Green Book and Rome move to tell autobiographies, as well as the “Bohemian Rhapsody”, the magic was for Black Panther.
There are other prizes of course, but the hype has stayed in this line.
Green Book (Trailer)

Roma (Trailer)


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